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The country of Mozambique has come a long way in a relatively short space of time in its post – civil war recovery process. The country was devastated and had very little in the way of a functioning infrastructure or economy. Today Mozambique is a far cry from the beginnings of its rebirth and is most certainly worth spending some time in and enjoying a fantastic holiday in.

Accommodation in MozambiqueToday Mozambique often finds itself on many top ten vacation destination polls and this is because the country of Mozambique consistently has many positive features to offer tourists from all over the world and with a diverse range of interests. A visit to Mozambique at any time of the year will be met with a climate that is stable, warm and pleasant at any time of the year.
This is perfect for European visitors who want to get away from a cold European winter.

For South Africans a visit to Mozambique is a stone’s throw away for those particularly living in the interior of the country, Gauteng, Limpopo Province, Mpumalanga and the Free State. South Africans living along the coast also will not have to travel for too long to visit Mozambique, even by car. The second feature that makes Mozambique so appealing is the diverse range of accommodation types and styles, at all levels of budget and needs.

Accommodation in Mozambique would probably surprise a number of different first time visitors to the country. There are a surprisingly large number of first class and international standard accommodation opportunities for those who prefer to stay at the higher end of the holiday accommodation spectrum. First class hotels are available at a number of different locations all along the coast of Mozambique as well as at a number of towns and cities further into the interior of the country.

Something that may be surprising to some is that the first class and high end boutique hotel side of the accommodation spectrum is not the most popular type of accommodation available in Mozambique. According to the number one type of accommodation most often booked in Mozambique is the self – catering beach accommodation and beach bungalow accommodation. This is especially true for areas in the southern region of the Mozambican coast line, particularly the ever popular beach resort town of Ponta do Oura.

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