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This laid-back town is situated along the peninsula of Mozambique. It is almost 500 kilometres North of Maputo. The architecture and surroundings are picturesque and many visitors consider it to be the most beautiful town in the country of Mozambique. This town also provides easy access to all the top resorts in the Tofo Beach area along one of the few roads in relatively good condition.

The city of Inhambane was colonialized by the Portuguese after Vasco da Gama first discovered this sleepy town during the fifteenth century. It became one of the most important ports along the East coast of Africa. The town of Inhambane has a lot of culture and history and one of the definite ‘must-see’ places in the town would be the Cathedral of our Lady of Conception which is almost two hundred years old. If you are brave enough to climb the rusty ladders to the very top of the cathedral’s spire then you would be rewarded with some of the best views available of Inhambane.

There are many other sights holiday makers and visitors should see when in the town of Inhambane. The railway station is definitely worth a visit as you would be able to see some vintage steam locomotives and memorabilia. A dhow trip and a visit to the old Governer’s residence are two other activities that may be quite enjoyable.

Dining in Inhambane

Macaroca is a popular restaurant that can be found at the town’s centre. The chicken and seafood menu offerings are tasty and exceptionally cost effective.

The crab curry served at Pensao Pachica is legendary. This restaurant is situated on the bay of Inhambane and run by Dennis Adams.